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CHOC Walk 2019!!!

Michelle Kessler

Michelle Kessler

I am so stoked to do the CHOC Walk for my seventh year in a row! This will be my fifth CHOC Walk with my dad, and this year I'm flying in for it from Denver.

So for those who don't know, the CHOC Walk in the Park is a 5K walk through Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, and Downtown Disney.

How does it work? We each raise at least $85 to go, get up super early (roughly 4:00am), eat something, go through security, stand in front of the gates of Disneyland, get shepherded through the gates and pour into Main Street until we start our walk. Oh, and we dominate on the fitbit challenges before most of you have had time to wake up!

The money raised goes to -- you guessed it -- CHOC (Children's Hospital Orange County)! CHOC provides the highest level of care not only to patients, but to the siblings, parents, and extended family that make up their critical support teams.

Please help both me and Dad reach our fundraising goals for the benefit of the children and families of Southern California. We get sweet prizes based on how many donations we raise, which we in turn like to share with you guys! We also like to take pictures with the characters, and maybe we'll even Disneybound again. We like to share those, too.

Please help support my dad in his fundraising goals!!

Every little bit counts!

Thank you!!!


raised of $500 goal

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So happy you're doing the CHOC walk again this year! Miss you!
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