Walk Webinars

2024 CHOC Walk

July 21, 2024

CHOC Walk Webinars


CHOC Walk Webinar - General Overview  
Tuesday, March 26 - 5:00pm
-Introduction to the 2024 CHOC Walk-


Are you new to the CHOC Walk or looking for ways to fundraise toward your minimum and higher prize packages?
Then watch our first CHOC Walk Webinar that took place on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

We cover everything from basic event details, fundraising incentives and fundraising ideas.
You'll also get to meet this year's CHOC Walk Ambassador, Kara Nguyen and family, to learn more about why we fundraise for CHOC.

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2024 Ambassador Video - Kara Nguyen
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CHOC Walk Webinar - Team Building & Fundraising 
Thursday, April 25 - 6:00pm
-Introduction to the 2024 CHOC Walk-


Join us as we continue the fundraising season with our second CHOC Walk Webinar focused on team building.
Led by the captains of some of our biggest CHOC Walk teams, we'll cover everything from where to start to skillful team building.

You’ll learn firsthand how to graduate from a first time CHOC Walker into a seasoned fundraiser and discover some of the best kept secrets
for newbies and veterans alike. Most importantly, our captains will explain the power of sharing your
CHOC story and just how far that will take you in your fundraising journey.

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