CHOC Walk Ambassador

2023 CHOC Walk

August 20, 2023

Introducing Hudson - Our 2023 CHOC Walk Ambassador

 "In March of 2011, Hudson was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the age of 15 months. With the amazing care and treatment he received at the Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC, he successfully underwent 4 surgeries and 6 months of chemotherapy before the age of 3.  CHOC not only took care of Hudson, but our whole family by being patient, kind, understanding, and simply just being present for us. 

Hudson's diagnosis was earth-shattering for our family. 
Hudson’s older brother, Troy, was only 10 years old at the time of Hudson's diagnosis and recalls the immediate fear of losing his brother. But ultimately knowing that Hudson would be taken care of and survive, provided him comfort. Hudson's younger brother, Cole, was born during his treatment and has never known a life without our family's cancer journey.  Hudson's bravery, calmness, and acceptance of challenging and painful medical procedures has been a model for Cole that has taught Cole to also have strength and utilize composure during medical situations. 

The immense support from our family, friends, community, and CHOC staff, is what helped us to persevere and become stronger. Hudson’s ability to handle the negative effects of treatment in stride gave us the strength to manage our own emotional discomfort in order to keep our lives and family in tact. Even at a young age, Hudson battled cancer with an attitude of positivity and acceptance, never complaining about treatments, appointments or procedures.  He approached potentially scary or painful procedures with bravery which resulted in a calm and easygoing demeanor.  His strength served as a model for our family allowing us to also keep our composure during difficult times."
"When in the hospital, Hudson was visited daily by nurses that would stop by his room.  It would brighten up his day to be able to blow kisses to each visitor.  The Child Life Specialists brought a wagon to his hospital room that allowed us to change his environment by pulling Hudson around the hallways.  This also gave us an opportunity to visit other patients that weren’t able to leave their rooms and hopefully bring them some cheer.

We are now proud to say that Hudson is 12 years Cancer Free! Over the years, CHOC has made every blood draw, office visit, transfusion, CT Scan, X-RAY, ultrasound, chemo treatment, infusion treatment, and surgery as painless and smooth as can be. Our amazing care started with successful surgeries by Dr. Maryam Gholizadeh followed by continued care and guidance from our Oncologist, Dr. Elyssa Rubin and Oncology Nurse Coordinator, Megan Beckerle." 


"Hudson has never let his cancer define him, but willingly shares his story in order to educate others or encourage them to support his local hospital. He forms great friendships, but most importantly he has deep connections with both of his brothers.  

Drawing from his personal experiences, Hudson possesses and demonstrates a level of understanding and compassion toward other children who are struggling with childhood illnesses. He genuinely appreciates all that CHOC has done for him, but realizes that there are many other children who continue to battle illnesses and need care and support.  Hudson has brought awareness about childhood illnesses to such a young community, his brothers, friends and schoolmates.  He shows continued commitment to CHOC and never takes his care for granted.  His compassion for other children and their battles is endearing."
- The Kent Family: Eby, Mark, Troy, Cole & Hudson