Event Incentive Packages

CHOC Adventure in the Park

August 27, 2022

Event Packages & Fundraising Incentives

Participants may choose to purchase or fundraise toward the below incentive packages. This total may be reached through personal payments, donations from others or a combination of both.

All event day prizes no longer available - only **packages below.

**Items marked with a double asterisk = fundraising deadline: September 27, 2022
For more info on getting your CHOC swag, visit the check in page.

View the 2022 commemorative CHOC Incentive Prizes
**$75 - Virtual Package Level
$200 - Adventure Package Level
**$400 - Collectors' Package Level
$650 - Double The Magic Package Level
**$850 - CHOC Vans Package Level
$1000 - VIP Package Level
$8000 - Stay and Play Ultra VIP Level (5 packages available - SOLD OUT)
3rd Place Fundraiser - Ultra Tech VIP Level
2nd Place Fundraiser - the Suite-st Package Level
1st Place Fundraiser - Grand Prize Level
Post-Event Prize Fulfillment Details

NOTE: Fundraising total must be confirmed in your account by the above deadlines, including all cash, checks or matching gifts.

Offerings subject to availability, change or cancellation without notice, and are not guaranteed. View more information here.