Event Check In

CHOC Adventure in the Park

August 27, 2022

Event Check-in / Incentive Pickup

All participants needed to pick up their incentives/ CHOC swag prior to the event.
We will be reaching out soon with ways to get your CHOC shirt and pin if you did not pick them up.

CHOC Vans will be mailed out in November (see below). 

We will be sending out size request forms in waves as people reach the $850 level.

Read below for important event check-in details:

choc img

Post Event Prize Fulfillment

  • Fundraising will continue through September 27, 2022, to allow more time for participants to raise more funds for prize eligibility
    • *Note: any prizes offered at the Disneyland┬« Resort are ONLY available on Saturday, August 27. Park tickets cannot be used on a later date.
  • Any shirts or pins earned up to the deadline, or not picked up at the event, will be available for pickup at the CHOC offices after 9/27 - more details coming soon.
  • All CHOC Vans will be mailed out in November - be sure to provide a valid mailing address when submitting your shoe size request form (sent out weekly).
  • As soon as your package has been sent out, we will send you an email to let you know about the estimated delivery.