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Team Super Desmond!

Zachary Camargo

Zachary Camargo

Dear Friends & Family,

We are once again supporting Children's Hosptial Orange County's annual CHOC Walk with Team Super Desmond!

For those that don't know, CHOC has been a part of our family since 2016 when Desmond Camargo (Zach & Zion's cousin) was born. Desmond has been a true hero throughout his life working through a Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy at birth, followed with a stay in CHOC NICU, a CVICU surgery to repair a coarctation in his aorta (heart surgery), time with the CHOC Neurology department, rehabilitation due to a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, and even hip surgery this past spring. CHOC has been with him every step of the way providing a level of care that is beyond belief.

The CHOC Walk is our chance to give back by raising money for CHOC and the families that it cares for each day.

Since there are 4 of us joining the walk (myself, Tam, Zach, and Zion), we've set up this page to bring all fundraising efforts for Zachary since he 1) loves his cousin Desmond very much and 2) loves the idea of getting a medal for raising money for CHOC.

We would love if you'd be willing to support this cause with either a donation or by joining the team for the walk in August. Remember, any and all donations are appreciated and do so much to help further the research, work, and team at CHOC.

Many Thanks,

Paul, Tam, Zachary, and Zion


Those Camargo Kids


Desmond Camargo- Our Little Hero


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