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Welcome to my CHOC Walk Page - Team too Legit to Quit!

Brittany Powell

Brittany Powell

I am so excited to be participating in the 2019 CHOC Walk in the Park at the Disneyland Resort on August 11th to raise funds for CHOC Children's Hospital!

The fundraising efforts of the CHOC Walk make an immediate impact on families going through the most challenging time in their lives. CHOC provides the highest level of care not only to patients, but to the siblings, parents, and extended family that make up their critical support teams.

Please help me exceed my fundraising goal for the benefit of the children and families of Southern California by:

-Donating now by clicking the "Donate" button above or
-Joining me at CHOC's magical morning at the Disneyland® Resort by registering now 

Every dollar counts for kids!

Many Thanks,

Brittany (Survivor)


My shirt got a little upgrade in the form of a dabbing 🦄. 4 more days!


Team shirts are in! Might need some embellishments 😉🧡


If you are going to lose your hair, You might as well have fun with it. Big Brother/Barber - Matt Pettus 2001


Dr. Kirov and I (2019)

Dr. Kirov and I (2001)

My story began on February 20 ,2001 just three days before my sweet 16 birthday. My father took me to the emergency room because I was looking very unwell. I was very pale and lethargic. This after a couple of weeks recovering from what we thought was a really bad flu. After what seemed like forever and many blood draws later I was told that I would be transferred to CHOC where I would be admitted for Acute Myeloid Leukemia AML. A cancer of the blood and bone marrow that progresses rapidly. From day one I was surrounded by family and friends and they did not leave my side during my entire treatment process. I was lucky to have such a large support system. My parents were fortunate enough to work for companies who understood what they were going through and to allow them to be with me day and night. I know many families are not as fortunate. As one of the oldest patients in the Oncology ICU, I was witness to such young children and babies struggling and fighting dreadful diseases. These children were often too young to understand what was happening to them or why they were sick. My wish is that one day childhood cancer is an uncommon phrase. That there is a lesser need for pediatric nurses and children’s oncologists. My wish is that no child must suffer the pain of one of these deadly diseases or for family to experience the loss that accompanies so many of these stories. I wish to continue supporting the Oncology community in finding a cure for childhood cancer. CHOC, its nurses and doctors along with my support system were such a vital role in my success story. I thank each one of you for continuing that support by donating or joining my team “Too Legit to Quit” to support the children and families of CHOC. Love you all for your contributions. #Survivor18years


raised of $1,500 goal

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Thanks for sharing your story and giving hope to others!

Team Too Legit to Quit