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Gamers For CHOC

Gamers For CHOC

Gamers for CHOC

Welcome, Gaming Community!


Gamers for CHOC is an initiative that rallies employees, players, and communities from local games-related studios, businesses, organizations, and groups to support CHOC Walk 2022 by raising funds for health care programs, education, and research for southern California’s kids. Our program raised almost $200,000 in 2021 and are back for year two.


Participating companies and sponsors are featured on the page below. Gamers for CHOC will be fundraising throughout August 2022, culminating in the CHOC Adventure In The Park event live at California Disney Adventure on August 27th. Participants who raise $200 or more will earn their spot to attend in person.




How do I get involved?


(Option A):  Participate as a Fundraiser by joining your favorite team. Simply create an account, join a team, and earn rewards for dollars you raise.


(Option B):  Support the cause by Making A Donation. You can donate via Individuals or to Teams directly.


(Option C):  Participate as a group by Creating A Team. Join the community of gaming orgs supporting the cause.



Fundraising Incentives


We're offering prizes and rewards to the top fundraisers across the Gamers for CHOC program. That means anyone who is a member of the teams below is eligible. Fundraisers will earn one reward of their choosing unless otherwise stated, starting with the top fundraiser and working our way down the list until no prizes remain. We'll be adding prizes to the list over the course of the program, so stay tuned and good luck!

If you have any questions for our team or would like to contribute a prize to the cause, please email us at Thank you for your support!

    Mattering Lab (7 participants)
    Friends of Dreamhaven (21 participants)
    Friends of Square Enix (26 participants)
    inXile entertainment (6 participants)
    Unbroken Studios (8 participants)
    Leadership Enthusiast (2 participants)
    Friends of Rally Cry (1 participant)
    GGP (2 participants)
    Obsidian (1 participant)
    Esports Arena (1 participant)


    raised of $150,000 goal
    11 Teams
    75 Participants
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