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Welcome to CHS Justin Helper's Team!

Martin Jones

Martin Jones

We are so excited to be a part of CHS Justin Helper's Team once again this year! Team Leaders of the Team "CHS Justin's Helpers", include Mrs. Trish Helper, Chaffey High AP Colby Helper, and CHS Renaissance, Dr Matt Gillum. As a member of this amazing team, Chaffey High Navy JROTC is joining many others in the 2019 CHOC Walk in the Park at the Disneyland Resort on August 11th in order to help to raise funds for CHOC Children's Hospital! We hope you will join us as well.

The fundraising efforts of the CHOC Walk make an immediate impact on families going through the most challenging time in their lives, including Justin Helper. CHOC provides the highest level of care not only to patients, but to the siblings, parents, and extended family that make up their critical support teams.

Please help us exceed our fundraising goal for the benefit of the children and families of Southern California by:

-Donating now by clicking the "Donate" button above or
-Joining me at CHOC's magical morning at the Disneyland® Resort by registering now 

Every dollar counts for kids!

Many Thanks,

LCDR Martin Jones (Chaffey High School (CHS) Navy JROTC)

Go CHS for Justin Helper! C-Hi! You Know!


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