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For the Kids

Lauren Ruiz-Lumanog

Lauren Ruiz-Lumanog

I am incredibly honored to be the new Event Operations and Publicity for the lovely event of TitanTHON 2018-19, taking place on March 22 of the upcoming year. Though there is a long way to go until then, this only means the beginning of our participation in helping CHOC and the families there as much as possible.

Anyone who knows me knows that beyond anything, my greatest passion overall is to help the world's youth in any manner possible, whether it be through education, personal engagement, or a dance marathon such as TitanTHON. With all the heart I can offer, I send my love and gratitude to those who are willing to join me along this journey and encourage you to find your passion too and fight for it with everything you have.

For the Kids,



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