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Welcome to my Deck the Halls Personal Page!

Krista Creighton

Krista Creighton

I am so excited to be participating in CHOC's first-ever Virtual Walk in the Park on Saturday, May 22 to raise funds for CHOC Children's Hospital!

Although COVID-19 has changed life as we know it, one thing remains the same: children are still counting on CHOC and supporters like us to help them get better. As a non-profit organization, CHOC relies on community generosity to provide leading-edge care for infants, children and adolescents close to home. Your donation can provide vital resources to patients and families as they face today’s crisis.

Please help me exceed my fundraising goal by:

-Donating now by clicking the "Donate" button above or
-Joining me for CHOC's Virtual Walk by registering now 

Every dollar counts for kids!

Many Thanks,

Shoutout to the Riot Karma team for their $50 donation to each member of our team!

Reached my 30 mile goal over the weekend! Want to join our virtual walk? Let's get active!


Thank you, Anonymous, for donating $50! Your donation is helping to provide leading-edge care for children!

Another 5 miles down!


Thank you, Anonymous, for donating $25 For the children!


Prepping for the last 15 miles like ^

I walked 5 miles towards my goal!


raised of $200 goal

Step Up for Kids Activity Challenge Goal

30 miles
of 30 mile goal

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