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Welcome to my CHOC Walk Personal Page!

Kathryn C

Kathryn C

I am so excited to be participating in CHOC's first-ever Virtual Walk in the Park in early 2021 to raise funds for CHOC Children's Hospital!

Although COVID-19 has changed life as we know it, one thing remains the same: children are still counting on CHOC and supporters like us to help them get better. As a non-profit organization, CHOC relies on community generosity to provide leading-edge care for infants, children and adolescents close to home. Your donation can provide vital resources to patients and families as they face today’s crisis.

Please help me exceed my fundraising goal by:

-Donating now by clicking the "Donate" button above or
-Joining me for CHOC's Virtual Walk by registering now 

Every dollar counts for kids!

Many Thanks,


HOWWWWWW did we smash the goal again??? Thank you to everyone that has donated thus far! Your generosity is unbelievable and I know this is going to go a long way for the kids at CHOC. I often think about the many families and kids that I have personally met that have benefited greatly from the amazing care provided by the children's hospitals. I can't possibly imagine what it would even be like to go through what some of these kids are going through. Every little bit truly truly helps and I am touched beyond words to see everyone come together for such an amazing cause. All my love, Kathryn.


Thank you all so much for your amazing support thus far!! We reached our goal of $200 last night, so I'm going to up it to $500! Thank you thank you! Much Love, Kathryn


raised of $500 goal

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