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Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith

It was a great honor to donate, participate and help raise donations for Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Thank you so much for supporting the 2018 CHOC Walk in the Park! Your donation towards my fundraising goal means more than you know. The donated gifts make a difference for the children in our community, benefiting health care programs, education, and research for CHOC Children's and CHOC at Mission.

CHOC Walk donations make an immediate impact on families going through the most challenging time in their lives, providing the highest level of care not only to patients, but the extended family that make up their support teams. Your gift truly made a difference for the children and families!

Thanks you,
Wayne Smith



raised of $500 goal

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1. Wayne Smith
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Let's all support Wayne and Choc. You don't need to give a large donation. Any small amount can help Choc. Wayne, we are very proud of you!
3. Karen K Smith
4. Arline Babka
So proud of you!
5. Wayne Smith
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