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Welcome to my CHOC Walk Personal Page!

Nicole Cox

Nicole Cox

Our CHOC Walk last year was such a fun, new experience for us and our family that we are so excited to do it again this year! Every time I think about this event I get so emotional. Olivia’s 5wk old little lungs and airways could have closed up if we hadn’t taken her in those few weeks of her life. It could have been so much worse for our little fighter girl! The care she got from each nurse (coming in our room every 30min and making sure she didn’t leave that hospital until she was 110% better for a minimum of 24hrs) still makes my heart so full and my eyes so teary. I’m so, SO proud to be a CHOC parent and so appreciative we were able to round up donations for this foundation last year and can’t wait to do it again this year! We are so excited to walk down good 'ole Main St, USA again, so thank you in advance and for being a lover of our little fighter girl, too 👊🏼

**Please remember, this fundraiser doesn't go to us parents, our hospital bills, employees paychecks, etc, but directly to the entire CHOC foundation. Last year they raised close to 3 million dollars! It's for the resources needed for the little boy who we shared a room with who was in even worse condition than Olivia. It's for additional care for a little boy who had to endure multiple rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant last year. It's for the year+ long medical attention a mama, her family and now her little angel in heaven received at CHOC a couple years back. And that's just the people I know... I hope no one's child ever has to go through what any of ours did but just in case, I hope parents know CHOC is there because of fundraisers like these and BECAUSE OF YOU! I can't wait to proudly walk alongside other CHOC parents again this year and I hope you are a part of that day with us, whether that be financially, alongside, or in prayer.

For more information on Olivia's story specifically, please visit our page from last year here:

Olivia & the Cox family


All of God's grace, in one little face ♥️ CHOC Walk 2018

TEAM Olivia Mae Cox - 2018


A happy & healthy Olivia - June 2018

Jan 2018

Jan 2018


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