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Welcome to my CHOC Walk Personal Page!

Joanna Sum

Joanna Sum

The family and I are so excited to be participating in CHOC's first-ever Virtual Walk in the Park in early 2021 to raise funds for CHOC Children's Hospital! Although COVID-19 has changed life as we know it, one thing remains the same: children are still counting on CHOC and supporters like us to help them get better. As a non-profit organization, CHOC relies on community generosity to provide leading-edge care for infants, children and adolescents close to home. Your donation can provide vital resources to patients and families as they face today’s crisis. Anything you can donate will help these families. You can help in 2 ways: -Donating now by clicking the "Donate" button above or -Joining me for CHOC's Virtual Walk by registering now  Every dollar counts for kids! Many Thanks, Joanna, Dave, Theo, and Vincey

Thank you to Jonathan Talbot for his very generous donation to our CHOC Virtual Walk! Jonathan and I went to high school together so it's been a long time, but I'm so glad he decided to donate to a great cause. Thank you and I hope you're doing well and staying safe!

A very wonderful thank you to Grandma Ada for your donation to our CHOC Virtual walk! It's been so hard not seeing her during this terrible pandemic but we always love Facetiming and visiting from afar when we can so that we can all stay safe. We miss her but we know we'll see her soon Love you! xoxo


Karin A and family: Thank you so much for your donation to our CHOC Virtual Walk this year! I've known Karin since our young childless free days in college. Whether it was at sorority or APSA or just hanging out in the apartments, Karin was always so fun, busy, and compassionate. I appreciate your friendship more than you know, thanks for always being a great listener and friend and awesome mom who keeps it real! xoxo

A huge thank you to Dorothy and her amazing father, Louis To, for their donations to our Virtual CHOC Walk! Dorothy and I worked together at Blizzard for several years and I always appreciated her humor, expertise, her crazy stories, and of course, her love and dedication to her bunnies! Miss you so much and now I see where your big heart comes from! <3

Thank you Bria Beduya for your donation to our Virtual CHOC Walk this year! Bria is such an amazing person and we are so lucky to have her as a friend! She has been able to keep me sane during this crazy pandemic, whether it was getting into crocheting or hiking or just eating coffee and bagel. Love ya! xoxo

Thank so much to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Hon for your donation to our CHOC Virtual Walk! The kids and I are excited to be walking for such a good cause and appreciate your thoughts and support! Miss you and hope you're doing well and keeping safe! xoxo


A very special thank you to Jimmy Truong for his donation to our CHOC Virtual Walk! This man has done so many things and has such a quiet and humble disposition. I was always fascinated by all his stories and he will go out of his way to help you out. True heart of gold. Miss you!


Thank you Lauren Fine for your support! Lauren is such a sweet and kind person. I was privileged enough to work with her on a number of different projects and have become good friends. She's definitely awesome to work with but also funny and down-to-earth! We also happen to share a lot of similar weirdnesses LOL so it's nice to know she sympathizes with me a lot of the time. Thank you!

Thanks so much to Mimi Chan for her donation to our CHOC VIrtual Walk! Mimi is so awesome in so many ways and It's been such an honor and pleasure to have met her, work with her, and to have her friendship in these last few years. Love you! xoxo


Thank you YeYe (Chinese for Grandpa) for our 2nd donation! The kids always talk about YeYe and miss him and the family, especially during COVID when we're all trying to stay safe and healthy. They're excited to be walking for a good cause at our first Virtual walk!

Thanks so much to Tracy Sargent for our first donation! Tracy is a lovely human that used to work with me at Blizzard and coincidentally at Panasonic as well! Although we never worked together exclusively at either company, she was always well-known and respected and both companies.


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