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Welcome to the Heart of Harvest CHOC Walk Page!

Heart Of Harvest

Heart of Harvest

My name is Laurisa Ehlers and I am the Vice President of Client Experience at Harvest Landscape. In October 2005 my son, Nathan, was born and within hours was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, Tetralogy of Fallot. As a new young mother, this diagnosis was both terrifying and completely overwhelming! With the diagnosis came what would become years of doctor and cardiologist visits, blood work, RSV shots, EKGs, echocardiograms, heart catheter procedures and, ultimately, 3 open-heart surgeries including 2 replacement pulmonary valves. Added to the emotional turmoil our family was facing were the numerous medical bills starting to pile up. It was every parent’s worst nightmare imagining that something could go wrong for your child that, if not treated properly, may result in their death. It was a very scary time!
Thankfully, Nathan’s cardiologist was a CHOC affiliated doctor, which meant all of his procedures, including his first open-heart surgery at the age of 6 months, were completed at CHOC hospital. This facility does not only offer state-of-the-art technology but, in my opinion, also has some of the most skilled doctors and nurses one could ask for in caring for their child. These doctors and nurses don’t just treat the physical ailments; they provide complete care for the entire child and their family. I am grateful every day for the care provided and tenderness shown to my son, and the compassion each of their employees showed our family during the time we have spent and continue to spend there.
I believe my son would not have had the same chances of survival and the ability to thrive as much as he has with as little complications had he not been a patient at CHOC Hospital and I am so honored to support this cause and help raise funds for this worthy cause.
We hope you will join us in supporting this important event by attending our walk or donating toward our team!
Many thanks!
Heart of Harvest


Nathan Off-Roading - 2019

Nathan Hockey Picture - 2018

First time holding Nathan after surgery - 4/26/06

Nathan First Open Heart Surgery - 4/24/06

Nathan's First Open Heart Surgery - 4/24/06


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