CHOC Children’s is very near and dear to my heart. We have been a CHOC family for years having grown up with a father who was a physician on staff. In recent years, they have helped three children in the newest generation. My niece Clare was born with cataracts and required surgeries for functional eyesight, my son Nathaniel was born with a heart arrhythmia that was diagnosed but difficult to treat during pregnancy. Lastly, and most recently, CHOC saved the life of my daughter Evangeline who was born with Malrotation which resulted in Midgut Volvulus, a catastrophic twist of the entire small bowel. She was very lucky that she was rushed into surgery and her life was saved! She had a total of 3 surgeries which resulted in 80% of her small intestine being removed, leaving her with only 33 centimeters of small bowel. She spent 68 days hospitalized. She has exceeded expectations and is doing amazingly well, all thanks to the efforts and compassion she received at CHOC.