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Welcome to my CHOC Walk Personal Page!

Nicole Guimaraes

Nicole Guimaraes

I am so excited to be participating in the 2018 CHOC Walk in the Park at the Disneyland Resort on August 26th!

CHOC is an amazing place and we've spent plenty of time there for the babies cancer treatment when they need blood transfusions, labwork, platelet transfusions, er visits and unfortunately even a hospital stay. Without them our kids wouldn't have received such great treatment and in such a timely manner.

Please help support this amazing place that helps children in need of these specialty services.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, even something as small as $5 can help with this great cause. If you'd rather make donations in person, please let me know to arrange it :) thank you!!!!

Many Thanks,




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2. Sandra Jing
I am blessed with two beautiful healthy grandchildren. I thank God everyday for this blessing. My heart goes out to these beautiful babies.
3. Coloring Crew
4. Nicole Guimaraes
5. Deborah Shaw
6. Myra Rahe
So happy to help this wonder cause who contributed to where these adorable babies are now in their great progress!
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