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Welcome to Lyanna’s CHOC Walk Personal Page!

Lyanna Fernandez

Lyanna Fernandez

We started our CHOC walk fundraising before I had a diagnosis. We have been in and out of the hospital here for a few weeks now for what they initially thought was an autoimmune disorder causing issues with my platelets. Things have changed quite drastically since July 1st when we first went to the ER.

We found out on July 18th that I have a rare and aggressive form of leukemia called acute myeloid leukemia or “AML”. Fortunately it’s curable most of the time and the treatment is usually no more than 6 months. The downside is that the treatment is very aggressive, requiring twice daily chemo therapy for sometimes 10 days in a row.

I won’t be able to leave the hospital for at least a month at a time. I’m so lucky to be at what my family considers the “Disneyland of hospitals”. Donations from people like you ensure that people like me can not only afford to be here, but also that we can feel like this is a home away from home. We are very comfortable here so far.

The fundraising efforts of the CHOC Walk make an immediate impact on families going through the most challenging time in their lives. CHOC provides the highest level of care not only to patients, but to the siblings, parents, and extended family that make up their critical support teams.

Please help me exceed my fundraising goal for the benefit of the children and families of Southern California by:

-Donating now by clicking the "Donate" button above or
-Joining me at CHOC's magical morning at the Disneyland® Resort by registering now 

Every dollar counts for kids!

Many Thanks,



raised of $150 goal

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Sending love and energy to you all. I knew your Grandma Donna when she worked in Rancho. I’m a friend of Terry’s
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We all love you Lyanna!!
4. Jim & Gloria Price
Prayers are for speedy recovery.
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6. Dan Marchand
You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
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