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Welcome to my CHOC Walk Personal Page!

Lorelei Venturo

Lorelei Venturo

My name is Lorelei Venturo and I am raising money for the CHOC Children's hospital. I've donated my allowance money to the hospital. Please donate today. I want to raise money for all the kids at the hospital to be happy. Because it's not just about getting a medal, it's about making sure the kids at the hospital are ok. Thank you!


raised of $350 goal

Recent Donations

1. Heather Valentino
This is an amazing thing you’re doing. Great job.
2. Tom Burba
Good Luck, so very proud of you.
3. Lorelei Venturo
more allowance money for the kids
4. Julia Cassidy
5. Tracey Muldaur
Thank you for doing this Lorelei! My nephew was at CHOC last week and we are all praying he is okay and does not have to go back. But they gave him THE BEST care. It is an amazing place.
6. Adam & Krista Pisz
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