Less than two weeks to go to the CHOC Walk and Our beautiful Isabella is still in the caring hands of the NICU team here at CHOC. More than ever I’m aware of how important these donations are to any child staying here, and I haven’t even been privy to the events activities and support available outside of the NICU in other parts of the hospital! I recently learned that’s these donations pay for the Prom put on for the kids in the Oncology ward, help support the entertainment and activities provided for kids of all ages and their families who are staying here. The money raised helps support the book per day program (which now means Isabella almost has more books than me!), the coffee and cookie cart that comes around daily to help keep the parents sane, and the sibling play rooms that allow Memphis somewhere to let off steam on the weekend so Daddy can get some time with his daughter. None of this is possible without donations, so please if you would like to do something for Isabella and I, consider a small donation to our Choc walk page, so we can give something back to this incredible institution.