Hello Friends and Family!

As you know, CHOC holds a special place in our hearts. From NICU days to cancer stays, Parker had a long standing relationship with CHOC. Every time we were faced with a difficult medical situation, the staff at CHOC were there to provide incredible care and support. No parent wants to be familiar with the local children’s hospital, but when your child need medical attention, it brings such peace of mind knowing that outstanding care is available and accessible. 

Parker endured several hardships in his short life. And even though he experienced the many horrors of childhood cancer within the walls of CHOC, he loved it there.  It was our home away from home, filled with so many warm, caring and dedicated individuals who did their very best to treat Parker’s disease while also giving him so much love and joy. 

This year is the 30th anniversary of the annual CHOC Walk and we are honored to have signed up Team Parker to help fundraise for this special foundation that helps so many children every single day. 

This year the event has been reimagined to CHOC Adventure in the Park at Disney California Adventure. Here are the different ways that you can help support Team Parker reach our fundraising goal:

  1. Donate to members of Team Parker to help members reach their individual goal of $250. This is the amount each person must raise to attend the event at the park on August 27, 2022
  2. If members of Team Parker have reached their individual goals, you can still donate to Team Parker to help us reach our larger team goal.
  3. Join our team and attend the event! You will need to pay $50 to register and fundraise the additional $200 by 8/5/22 in order to attend the event in California Adventure. 

Adam and I are so excited to honor Parker’s memory by giving back to CHOC after all they have done to care for him and our family. And, we are so thankful to our village, Team Parker, for stepping up and supporting our family through the most difficult and painful moments in our lives. We know we are capable of great things together. Let’s make Parker proud! 🎗