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Angela Capoccia

Angela Capoccia

The work of all Children's Hospitals are important. As many of you may know, my nephew would not be alive were it not for the incredible work done by Children's Hospitals. He first became sick when he was 5 years old and again when he was 10. He recently celebrated his 18th birthday.

I am incredibly grateful for the work of all of those who dedicate themselves to healing and helping the youngest among us. Not only do they help the child who is sick, but ensure that they support the whole family to help them through the medical crisis.

Please join me in helping to support our local Children's Hospital and to make sure that more children and their families are able to have stories of hope and triumph. Please help me give back and to make sure that these individuals have the means to continue to do this good work.

Donate now or join me at CHOC's magical morning at the Disneyland® Resort. Every dollar counts for kids!

Many Thanks,




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