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Welcome to my CHOC Celebration Personal Page!

Afton Hensley

Afton Hensley


I am so excited to be participating in CHOC Walk's 30th anniversary event - CHOC Adventure in the Park presented by the Disneyland® Resort to raise funds for CHOC!
I’m participating this year in Honor of one incredible little boy, Carter!! I first met Carter and his amazing family at Tomorrowland Terrace in Disneyland, so the location of this fundraising celebration holds even more connection to his memory. We were all at the park to have our favorite band rock our world, and a blonde little boy with the most heart melting smile was celebrating his birthday. He came up and gave me a little pack of gummy bears, stickers & pencils as a birthday goodie bag. He was so young and already filled with such amazing kindness and heart.
A few years later, Carter got sick. And it rocked our world in such a different way. But CHOC was there. In the early days helping Carter & his family learn about his diagnosis and their “new normal” CHOC gave such amazing support and resources. During treatment, on the hard days when Carter had to get life altering medicines to battle the cancer inside him, CHOC made sure he had what he needed even if he was scared or uncomfortable. At the end of his journey, when the unthinkable happened and we had to let our little superhero go, CHOC gave the family support and space to grieve. With the endless questions we all had, the way that the doctors, nurses, counselors and every other member of staff gave their heart and time to be there was astounding.
That's one of the reasons I love CHOC and continue to fundraise for them.  It’s more than just the kids and their illnesses. It’s the people who make it all a little less scary and a little less lonely. All along the way with Carter’s treatment I remember being so impressed at how they made sure these children in their care still had a childhood, not just a childhood illness. Please consider donating to this incredible hospital, in honor of such an incredible little boy, who lived his far too short life to the absolute fullest each day he was given. Help me reach my goal, so I can gather with the people who love him most, in the place where he still feels so alive in our hearts!


Thank You! -Afton


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